Alcohol Policy


  • The purpose of this release is to set minimum expectations of adults.
  • This is currently aimed as a one off allowance, as each event must be approved by the P&C and subsequently announced to members by the swim club committee¬†via Facebook/email.
  • People under the age of 18 years old are not permitted to consume alcohol on site.
  • Common sense should be used at all times.


  • Adults may consume alcohol in the following areas:
    • Blue stands area
    • First & second row of the aluminium stands
    • Limited area near/behind BBQ.
  • Opened alcohol bottles, cans or glass containing alcoholic beverages should not be carried around the poolside area;
  • No alcohol to be consumed around the poolside areas.
  • No glass bottles of any kind to be carried around the pool area.
  • Drinks are not to be poured into glasses. The use of non glass cups/goblets is encouraged.
  • Beer from cans is also encouraged.

 Adult Expectations

  • Adults should not be intoxicated or act inappropriately.
  • Adults to not exceed a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) exceeding 0.05%.
  • The school, P&C or Swim Club will not be held responsible for:
    • Cases of any direct or indirectly related accidents from alcohol consumption on site;
    • for people caught exceeding the above blood alcohol concentration.
  • Intoxicated adults will be asked to leave the area, with their child.


  • No alcohol should be consumed on site if you are about to assist as a timekeeper.
  • Time keepers can consume alcohol, after they have completed time keeping for the meet.
  • Alcohol should not be consumed by individuals while:
    • marshalling swimmers,
    • serving at the BBQ,
    • serving at the canteen,
    • keeping times & race records, and
    • timekeeping